What’s the Up Side of a Down Economy?

I’m a silver lining kind of gal.

I lose a prospective client or take a wrong turn on my way to a business meeting and I almost immediately think about the good that comes from perceived setbacks. “There must be a better client coming my way” or “I’ve never been to this part of town. How interesting.”

So it is with the economic storm we’re experiencing. I’m grateful that my work doesn’t depend on other employees that I might have needed to lay off or bank loans that are harder to secure. I’m polishing up my social networking skills and checking in with colleagues I lost touch with during busier times. I have a deeper appreciation for my family and my home. I’m spending more time in quiet contemplation and thankful for the bright ideas that result, based on trust and abundance not fear and lack.

Some of my Linked In colleagues offered their take on the best of bad times:

Waste is the new evil, frugality is fashionable, not because people cannot afford things as much as frugality is now more likely to be considered a sign of wisdom and maturity.

The biggest up side of the down economy is reduction of overall hype. The perceptions turn to more reality. It brings back the importance of SQ (spiritual quotient) along with the EQ and IQ into the correct balance.

The foolishness of unnecessary risks has been shown to be just that. A sense of greater community spirit may return as folks help one another out in hard time.

Trust in the flow…. there will be highs and lows. I keep a list of things to do when I may get a little slower so I am thrilled when things slow down. The list contains business and personal tasks that I may not normally have time to do. It’s everything from doing my expense reports to working out more with friends. 🙂

I am having more potlucks and fewer pedicures! I’m going to the library instead of the bookstore! I’m eating spaghetti and chicken a lot!

From a personal standpoint, my husband and I are consciously cutting back. We no longer go out to eat, but cook dinner in and make — rather than buy — lunches. I’ve also gone back to purchasing on sale and strategically using coupons. I’ve evaluated our telecommunications plans (phone, cable, and Internet services).

I have paused more often to count my blessings.

Read more at http://www.linkedin.com/answers/management/change-management/MGM_CMG/350018-6078235

How are you benefiting from these tough times? Has your perspective changed on what’s most important? Are you using this slow down in your business to cut unnecessary costs and prepare for brighter days? Have you discovered more creative and less expensive ways to spend time with family and friends? What are the silver linings on these cloudy days?

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