What’s Your Plan for Peace This Week?

Less stress and anxiety and more clarity and fulfillment are often a simple choice away. If you want to experience true peace of mind for better health, more meaningful relationships and to perform at your best at work, it’s time to take action.

What’s your plan for peace this week? You can:

  • End a toxic relationship. (You know who that is!)
  • Begin to meditate. (Start with a few minutes a day of focused breathing.)
  • Clean out an area of physical clutter. (I just lightened my load by donating two big bags of clothes from my closet.)
  • Start a gratitude practice. (A few nights a week, write in a journal a brief list of what’s going right in your life.)
  • Become more mindful. (Commit to notice and appreciate what’s around you—from the beauty of nature to a colleague who needs your help.)
  • Craft and use an empowering affirmation. (So it’s easy to remember and say and has the most impact, keep your self-talk brief, positive and in the present.)

Just one small change can make a big difference. You’ve got this!

Please share this with those who need more peace of mind.


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