Are You Writing It Down?

Success expert, motivational speaker and prolific author Brian Tracy said, “Until you commit your goals to paper, you have seeds without soil.”

Are you writing down your goals to achieve them, your fears to defeat them and your insights to be more mindful? These are just a few powerful benefits of journaling.

This Fast Company article explores how journaling can help you reduce stress, increase clarity and even boost your immune system. In it, I share how to journal to cultivate your attitude of gratitude, strengthen your instincts, and uncover unconscious motives for some decisions you’ve made and gain new insights on old challenges.

Writing things down–whether it’s your “to do” list or positive affirmations–will help you enjoy better work-life balance.

What’s your journaling practice?



2 thoughts on “Are You Writing It Down?

  1. Cathy Reply

    I love writing things down to make them happen, Tricia! It is an important part of my professional, personal, and spiritual practices! I don’t journal as regularly as I brush my teeth, but when I realize that I need things to change, this is a very powerful practice. I recently journaled for my perfect new home, which was manifested quickly. Now I am affirming that all is in divine order as I wait for the buyer of my farm property to arrive. As often as possible, I write thanking the universe for what I wish to occur as if it has already happened. The universe responds to that to which you attach strong feelings and turn over to source. That has been my experience for many years. Knowing that challenges are part of the process and trust, grace, and guidance is involved help me survive the emotional ups and downs our human side has in this spiritual journey. I end each journal entry with something like, “This or something better;” “And so it is;” or “Thank you, mother-father God!”

    • Tricia Molloy Post authorReply

      Thank you for sharing your powerful practice, Cathy! And for inspiring me and everyone who reads this. Good luck with selling your farm and your new adventure. It’s a God job.

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