Atlanta Falcons Kicker Offers a New Look at Visualization

Here’s how looking back can help you see better.

Like most top athletes, Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant knows the power of visualization. However, it’s not just about picturing how a future event will unfold. For Bryant, he sees in his mind his greatest past successes, like the 49-yarder that beat Seattle with 13 seconds left in a playoff game four years ago. This practice increases his focus and falcons-bryants_reward_football_97818_c0-203-4928-3076_s885x516confidence and prepares him for a win at this Sunday’s Super Bowl. (Yes, I’m a Falcons fan!)

“I envision what it felt like in making the kick and what it felt like after the kick,” he said in a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution article. “You want to project positive.”

So, the next time you’re preparing for a sales presentation, job interview, speaking engagement, tennis match or crucial conversation with a family member, spend some time visualizing a past success. Remember to infuse it with the empowering emotions you felt.

And, as a twist on a Vision Board, consider creating a Success Board with words and images of your proudest moments–like your graduation, wedding, family vacations and work milestones.

As you begin to visualize more, Bryant offers this one caveat: Be careful where you do it! “There’s been times in the past where I’ve been going down the road and I’ve found myself in a game and I’ve gone off the road.”


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