Better Balance Insights

I’ve been speaking a lot lately on how to enjoy better balance. Whether it’s a keynote for a group of CEOs or a webinar to Realtors, I often learn something new from them that I can then share with you. Here are three recent insights.

  1. When I was talking about how gratitude supports work-life balance by keeping us focused on the positive, a woman told me that she once bought a gratitude journal from Goodwill. She was surprised to find the first few pages were already filled in. As she proceeded to read about what this woman was grateful for, she discovered on page two that she had no legs. Does that put any challenges you may face in perspective?
  2. One of my main points is that we often put off pursuing our dreams because we believe we have plenty of time. An attendee shared this savvy strategy for not wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter. He has decided he will live until 116 years old and set his timer on his smart phone to show how much time he has left. That has become a simple reminder to make the most of every moment. Whatever you expect your lifespan to be, could something like that help?
  3. Using affirmations or positive self talk is an easy way to build confidence and keep focused. A participant said she recorded her own empowering message that now wakes her each morning through her phone alarm. What would your message say?

Next month, I’ll be in South Carolina to keynote a medical center’s leadership conference. Do you have a better balance strategy I might share?

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