CRAVE Your Goals! Five Steps to Reduce Stress and Stay Positive, Focused and Productive

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What do you want to achieve? Are you hoping for a promotion? Do you wish you could start your own business? Ready to lose those final 20 pounds or become debt free? When we commit to our goals and crave them with our heart and soul, we engage the energy of the universe and receive what we need to make our dreams come true. Follow these five CRAVE steps to attract what you desire and deserve.

1) Clean Out the Clutter.
Clutter distracts and confuses us and drains our energy. It often keeps us from doing what’s most important and gets in the way of our goals. There’s a universal law that states: The universe abhors a vacuum. So, when we clear away the physical clutter, as well as the emotional (like regrets, toxic relationships and unnecessary obligations) and technical clutter (like too much time spent on Facebook and other social media sites), we make room for the universe to fill it with what serves our highest good. Commit to begin cleaning out the clutter today.

2) Raise Your Vibrations.
The universal law states: Energy attracts like energy. We are all energy beings and we all vibrate at different levels at different times. Vibration is just another word for feelings and emotions. It’s our attitude. When we vibrate at a high level, it is governed by love, trust and peace and is positive and constructive. We will attract people and circumstances that vibrate at that same level. Conversely, when we are consumed by fear and worry and we’re not taking care of ourselves, we will vibrate at a low, negative level and we will attract people and circumstances that vibrate at that low level.

To increase and maintain a high vibration, commit to love and nurture yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, enjoy a hobby, play, sing, laugh, forgive, limit your time watching TV news, seek out positive people, practice random and not-so-random acts of kindness, give thanks, spend time in nature and smile more often. Commit to make your own list and schedule these activities into your day until they become habits. Form a “High Vibration” club with your coworkers, family and friends so you can have fun supporting each other.

3) Affirm Success.
Affirmations are powerful statements to remind us what we know to be true, despite what others may say or when our own ego plants that seed of doubt. The most effective affirmations are short, positive and in the present.

Here are a few examples. If you want to be chosen for a supervisory position, your affirmation should include the qualities you possess that would serve you in that role. You might affirm: “I am a dynamic, empowering leader.” If you tend to wake up each morning wondering how you’ll ever get through your burgeoning to-do list, you might affirm: “I have more than enough time and energy to accomplish all my goals.” If you are struggling with direction and finding the right resources to get the job done, you might affirm: “I am open to receive guidance and support.” Commit to write down your affirmations and post them prominently-on your bathroom mirror, on the dashboard of your car and at your desk. Say them out loud throughout the day and share them with others.

4) Visualize.
Every top athlete has harnessed the power of visualization. The runner sees herself breaking through the tape at the end of the race and the golfer sees the hole in one. What can you visualize about your goals? Perhaps it’s making a persuasive presentation that motivates your audience to take action. Or, you might visualize living in a clean, organized home.

It takes more than just seeing to get the results. Visualization is a three-step, repetitive process. To give it the power you need to succeed, engage all your senses. What do you hear, smell, touch and taste? And, infuse it with the positive emotions you would feel if this were a reality-like happiness, pride and maybe even relief. Commit to seeing your goals as “real” and they soon will be.

5) Express Thanks.
What you focus on expands. It’s a universal law. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Commit to write in a gratitude journal a few nights a week, listing all the things you’re thankful for that day and include at least one unique entry each time. That programs you to become more aware of what’s going right. Take the time to express your sincere appreciation to others. As it relates to your work and personal goals, give thanks for what is and what will be in anticipation of your accomplishments.

By committing to CRAVE your goals, you will enhance your journey and accelerate your success.

Tricia Molloy is a professional speaker, mentor and author of “Divine Wisdom at Work: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs” and the “CRAVE Your Goals!” ebook. Visit Sign up to receive a monthly e-newsletter for more information and inspiration.

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