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In the last few weeks, I’ve begun to tweat on Twitter and just joined Facebook. I find myself debating the merits of social media and wondering how much is enough. Do I really need to tweat that I played in the garden today? (And does anyone even care?) And, why do I need Facebook when I haven’t begun to tap into the power of Linked In? Here’s a blog that compares the two. http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9065398&pageNumber=1

I want to learn where to put my time and attention to make meaningful business and personal connections.What’s been your experience with social media?

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  1. Julie Squires Reply

    Tricia, interesting questions. I’ve lately solved that for me, for now: twitter for a select group of friends/business colleagues (I’ve not accepted everyone who’s requested because I simply do not know them that well. That could change to reflect the way I use Twitter); and Facebook for my very large extended family (sisters, brother, nieces, nephews). I also signed up with Alison Ilg on the Ning.com Flak Pak – although the group does not seem to be using it much just yet From this last move I learned I like the tasteful google ads served up on Ning (their business model) MUCH BETTER than the invasive, in-your-face, almost deal-killer ads on FaceBook. Would an enterprising PhD student like to do a thesis comparing the ROI of both? I continue to love my blog, First Light, although I only post when I have something to day. Still get from 7 to 41 new hits a day!! That’s largely because of what I write about and my tagging. Our clients so far are just doing flickr campaigns (tagged photos = more search engine traffic) and just starting on video emails and podcast campaigns. So far no client is yet blogging. Congratulations on being a pioneer and successful entrepreneur for two decades!

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