Here’s What to Do to Enjoy Better Balance


Let’s face it, it seems like we have more to do than there is time in the day. I get that. But I also know, from my own experience and from coaching others, that we can exert some control over our anxiety-producing schedules.

The problem often lies with unnecessary obligations. You know, the things we do mostly out of habit but without purpose.

If you’re serious about enjoying better balance, take a half hour and do this simple exercise. Invite your team members, family and friends to do it, too.

Four Steps to Reduce Unnecessary Obligations for Better Balance

  1. List your key daily, weekly and monthly obligations.
  2. Check off the essential ones directly related to your work and home responsibilities that you must do. 
  3. Rank the others on a scale of one to ten, based on importance. You’ll uncover at least a few time-wasting, energy-draining obligations, like one of your professional or civic group memberships that no longer serves you, a friendship you’ve both outgrown, or that home-improvement project you keep postponing.
  4. Consider dropping or delegating anything under a seven.

What’s one of your unnecessary obligations you’re ready to drop or delegate? 



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