How to Relieve Video Call Fatigue

“I wish I could hop on one more video call today,” said no one these days.

Between sales calls, team meetings, family chats, virtual happy hours and even school reunions, we are all suffering from Zoom burnout.

Video calls are a novelty for many people and often seen as a safe, smart alternative to all the face-to-face meetings we’re missing. However, they can create a lot of stress and be counterproductive.

I’ve been busier than ever before coaching clients on how to cope during these uncertain times. From my long days on Zoom and what I hear from those I coach, I have some tips that can help:

  • Don’t automatically default to a video call when a simple phone call or email would suffice.
  • Make sure the right people are on these calls. The dynamics of your discussions can suffer when there are too many people in the “room” just because they were available at that time.
  • Whenever possible, schedule time buffers between some of these calls to eat, stretch and clear your head.
  • While it’s preferred that everyone have their camera on during these remote meetings, consider not making it mandatory. Trust your people to pay attention, even if they might be handling administrative duties during the call. Some people just think better when doing more than one thing. Always being on camera prevents them from multitasking. You can ask them to turn their camera on when they are presenting or if there is a group discussion.

I found this BBC article, “The reason Zoom calls drain your energy,” very helpful and I hope you do, too.



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