Is Your Why Big Enough?

You may have been inspired by leadership and goal achievement experts like “Start with Why” author Simon Sinek and Stephen Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” They tell us that knowing our why or starting with the end in mind can provide the essential motivation and focus we need to accomplish just about anything.

My question to you is: “Is your why big enough?”

At a recent vision board workshop I facilitated, a mother of two young children shared her own insights on the power of why. She told the group that for years she had struggled to get in shape but always failed. Then, she focused her sights, literally, on a bigger why. She said she pictured herself decades later, healthy and happy as she hosted festive family dinners for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. That scenario clear in her mind prompted her to join an exercise boot camp and change her eating habits. Now, forty pounds lighter, she has more energy and self confidence as she anticipates enjoying a long, fulfilling life.

Think about the goals that are important to you and what your bigger why might be. If you tend to be more accountable to others than you are to yourself, use that to your advantage. Make your why something that directly affects those around you. For example, imagine how proud and inspired your children or those you mentor will be when you achieve that promotion or advanced degree.

Formulate a vivid, emotion-packed picture in your mind and consider creating a vision board that depicts your wonderful why.

Keep your eye on the why and see how much easier it can be to live a life you love!

What’s your big why?

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