Leading Change with Wisdom

In 2015, you may be making a system-wide change in your organization, like introducing new technology, or a personal change to fulfill your New Year’s resolution, like adopting healthy habits. Whatever change you desire, you know it can be stressful and intimidating.

Corporate change management guru John P. Kotter, a Harvard professor and author of “Leading Change,” says it takes careful planning to build the foundation for lasting results. Kotter recommends eight steps.


1) Create Urgency

2) Form a Powerful Coalition

3) Create a Vision for Change

4) Communicate the Vision

5) Remove Obstacles

6) Create Short-term Wins

7) Build on the Change

8) Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture

Think about how you can use wise strategies to support your professional and personal changes. Here are three examples.

1) Create Urgency by using powerful affirmations (brief, positive and in the present) that remind you of your full potential.

2)  Communicate the Vision to your subconscious mind and others by creating a Vision Board with your team members at work or with family and friends.

3) Remove Obstacles, like physical, technical and emotional clutter, so you can focus on what matters most.


What are some of the wise strategies you use to lead change? 

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