My Vision Board Made Me Do It


Are you ready to CRAVE your goals for the new year?

Click on My Vision Board Made Me Do It, a fun, free, 30-minute “Manage This” podcast interview for project managers. It’s hosted by Andy Crowe and Bill Yates at Velociteach.

Learn how to reduce stress, achieve goals, enjoy more work-life balance, and use vision boards to support your success. This podcast is a preview of my 2.5-hour online course for continuing education credits for project managers and HR professionals called CRAVE Your Goals! Motivate Your Team and Get Things Done. If you don’t need credits, it’s still a great refresher as you prepare for your best year yet.  It launches Monday, November 26, at Velociteach. Use CRAVE15 for a 15% savings. 

This is the first in a series of immersive, online courses I will offer, designed to fit into your schedule and enhance your work and life. And, since I will reach more people through these courses without always being on the road to speak, it supports my commitment to enjoy more work-life balance!


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