Spirit Speaks to Me in Post-It Notes

As I clean my office clutter today–making room for new clients–I notice the Post-It Notes that surround my workspace. One says “Be Brave!”and another “Smile!” There’s one of my favorite affirmations, “I am Open to Receive.” And another asks that poignant question at times of uncertainty, “What Would My Higher Self Do?”

It strikes me that Spirit speaks to me in Post-It Notes. When I need a little guidance or a gentle reminder, I’ll think of something and I’m immediately drawn to write it down and stick it where I’ll see it and often say it.

Today, I added a new Post-It Note. It says, “I Attract Ideal Clients to Wisdom Mentoring.” That’s a new service I launched this week that supports the success of entrepreneurs. You can learn more at www.MyWisdomMentor.com.

With so much fear and stress to distract and deflate us, we all need to be reminded of who we are and where we’re going. What’s on your Post-It Note?

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