Spring Cleaning for Success

Out of the 10 universal principles in “Divine Wisdom at Work” and the five that make up the “CRAVE Your Goals!” formula, the one that resonates most with people is: Clean Out the Clutter.

That’s because clutter is a universal challenge. It distracts and confuses us and drains our energy. It gets in the way of what’s most important. It often keeps us from achieving our goals.

There’s the physical clutter of a messy office, a closet filled with clothes that no longer fit our bodies and/or our current lives, and shelves at home with books we’ll never read and gifts we don’t like but feel obliged to display. Am I hitting a nerve?

There’s the technical clutter of information overload, too many emails, e-newsletters we’ll never open and an over-reliance on our cell phone.

Then, there’s the emotional clutter of the what ifs, the regrets and resentments, the things we haven’t forgiven about someone else or ourselves, the unnecessary obligations, and toxic people who zap our energy.

The law is very simple: “The universe abhors a vacuum.” So, when we clear out the clutter, we create the space for the universe to fill with what serves our highest good. For example, if you want more ideal clients, release the ones that drive you crazy. Better ones are waiting–I promise.

Capitalize on this envigorating time of year to “spring clean” for success. Share on this blog what clutter you’ve released and the gifts that have come from it.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning for Success

  1. Shira Miller Reply

    Hi Tricia. Once again, you provide us with great advice. I’m now motivated to getting rid of my clutter on every level this weekend!

  2. Shira Miller Reply

    Hi Tricia. Great post! I always seemed to have an endless stream of paper in my home…receipts, bills, car check-up forms, etc. that kept floating back and forth into different piles. so I used my office software paper filing system on those documents too and now everything has a place. It has created a “lighter” more inviting atmosphere in my home office, which used to look like a paper truck imploded on the floor.

  3. Bi Sadong Reply

    Yes, we have to clear our clutter in order to allow good things or experience to come into our life. Just let go of what we are not really using. (person, place, thing or ideas). These are all poverty thoughts. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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