The Super Bowl, Beyonce and the Power of Vision Boards

I think there is one main reason why most smart people don’t use vision boards to help manifest their desires. It just seems too easy for it to work.

After all, how could posting words and images of what we want–from a healthy body or new car to a wildly rewarding career or blissful marriage–help make it come true?

Vision boards work on many levels. From the most practical perspective, it keeps your goals visible so you are more likely to make decisions that support you.

On a more scientific level, a vision board connects with your subconscious mind–the part that cannot differentiate what is real and what is not–and seeks out opportunities and resources that prove what you desire is already real.

Finally, on a metaphysical level, a vision board acts as an email to the universe. When you post, claim and crave these goals, the infinite intelligence that makes the sun rise and set each day goes to work to attract to you what is for your highest good.

Check out this inspiring story from a woman who performed with Beyonce during the Super Bowl halftime show.  It started with a vision board. Share your inspiring vision board story here.

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