Three Ways to Enlighten Up Your New Year

  1. 1. Plan for Joy. Begin to make a list of all the things that bring you joy, from the simple “reading a riveting novel” to the sublime “practicing yoga.” Go deeper and remember what made you most happy as a child, like ice skating, playing Monopoly and coloring. (Did you know there are now more than 100 crayon colors?) Our family just rediscovered the joy of ping pong. We hold nightly tournaments in our garage. What a refreshing alternative to the virtual video version. One of my greatest joys is playing with my best furry friend, Honey.
    Start with 20 or 30 ideas and keep adding to that list. Whenever possible, add these activities to your daily schedule and treat them with the same respect and urgency as a client meeting or an important project. Pretty soon, all the joy planning will begin to happen spontaneously. The bottom-line benefits of more joy in your life is there’s less room for stress. Joy increases creativity, leads to positive problem solving and is highly contagious. Make joy a priority for the New Year.
  2. Start a Gratitude Ritual. At the end of each week, take fifteen minutes to send three hand-written, genuine, thank you notes to those you appreciate. Emails don’t count. (Sending it on Friday means they are most likely to start their week on Monday with your thoughtful message.) It may be a customer or client, a colleague, coworker or employee. Consider sending a note to one of your toughest competitors. After all, aren’t they the ones that keep you striving to be your best? Track down the address of a beloved teacher, childhood friend or special relative you’ve lost touched with. Remember to include your spouse and children and other close family members. By following this gratitude ritual, you honor others and remind yourself of how many people support and appreciate you. What better way to build authentic business relationships?
  3. Set Your Intention for the New Year. Most of us will have goals or resolutions for 2008. Intentions are different. As I write in Divine Wisdom at Work, “An intention is the broad, bright light that leads the way for the more specific goals you set. It is the sacred promise made between your soul and the universe to take responsibility and assure the quality of what you will manifest.” Choose one word that most resonates with you to be the theme for this coming year. It might be Joy, Peace, Harmony, Fun, Friendship, Growth, Prosperity, Simplicity, Dream, Trust, Balance, Wisdom or Innovation. My intention is Light. To me, Light signifies hope, awareness, wonder and whimsy. I intend to shine the light through my Working with Wisdom programs so that others can recognize and fulfill their true potential. And so it is. What’s your intention?

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