Tis the Season…to Deadhead the Roses

Spring is the time to refresh and renew. Today, I was “deadheading the roses” in the garden.

It’s a story I tell almost every time when I speak about managing your energy and cleaning out the clutter. And it’s the story people seem to recall the most. 

Because I am married to a gifted gardener, I benefit from the bounty of collards, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, figs and beautiful flowers. My main job in the garden is to deadhead the roses.

As Rick handed me my gardening gloves and clippers for the first time, he explained why. “A rose blooms and then it dies and continues to take energy from the bush until you clip it so the energy can go to the new blooms.” What a great analogy that is to life! Where can you begin to deadhead what no longer serves you to focus on what really matters?

Consider unfulfilling relationships, unproductive habits and limiting beliefs. Take a moment to imagine where your life could blossom by simply redirecting your time and energy. Start small and allow the momentum to carry you as you prune what doesn’t serve you and grow stronger and wiser. This is a powerful work-life balance practice. 

What will you deadhead?

2 thoughts on “Tis the Season…to Deadhead the Roses

  1. Susan Hitchcock Reply

    Such a timely story Tricia – this reminder of deadheading our roses – and also taking time to assess other things we need to “snip.” I have actually been reflecting this very week on what I can downsize or get rid of, stop doing etc. I have also been thinking of new ideas, things I want to start and places I want to go etc. How beneficial it is to refresh and reinvigorate – maybe even to reinvent. Ok now I need to go deadhead some more roses!! Thanks for all your wisdom Tricia!

    • Tricia Molloy Post authorReply

      I sensed you needed a little reminder, Susan! I look forward to hearing about what you’re “snipping.”

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