What’s Your Better Balance Quota?


Many of us have sales or activity quotas that motivate us to excel at our jobs. When it comes to enjoying more work-life balance, I’d like you to consider a Better Balance Quota. Here’s how it works.


  • Think about the areas of your life that cause you stress because you’re way over committed. It might be that you’re a member of too many professional associations, serving on too many committees or active in too many social groups. If you’re a parent, your children might be involved in multiple sports or clubs. Activities you’re responsible for getting them to and from, and you’ve recognized these activities are competing with their study time and sleep.


  • Decide on your own or as a family to set quotas. For example, you might recognize that out of the five professional associations you belong to, you’re only regularly attending meetings for three and, of those, only volunteering in one. Assess the value of each and decide which ones to drop. Your professional association quota might be two.


  • Once you set these quotas, it will be easier to make wise decisions about where you spend your time and energy. You’ll relieve that pressure of wanting to do it all. When you’re asked to join another association, for example, you can simply say you’ve reached your quota but will consider it for next year. Here’s a bonus! By setting better balance quotas, you serve as a role model for your children so they won’t make the mistake of over committing when they grow up. 



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