What’s Your Biggest Work Challenge Today?

At this week’s “CRAVE Your Goals!” talk for the Women of Weather at The Weather Channel, I presented simple strategies to help them reduce stress and stay focused. I recommended using affirmations and creating a vision board or treasure map–a place to post words and images that will support your goals.

After my talk, my Weather Channel contact, Kim Morrise, the director of interactive and local video, invited me to her office. “I have to show you something,” she said excitedly. There, on the wall of her office was a white board. A couple of months ago, she had been asked to do something that seemed impossible: capture tornadoes. Her task was to figure out how to put a live shot or live stream on www.weather.com of a crew that chased tornadoes. Some of these shots would take place in a moving car. Not only was that concept a huge task, but she had no connectivity to the network. Essentially, there was no way to get a live shot from the field onto the website. Oh, and she had three weeks to do it.

Kim knew how important it was and was determined to make it work. So, she approached her white board and wrote this statement in different colors, again and again: Live Streaming Vortex 2 will work. Some people laughed when they read the sign. One team member, who was just as determined as Kim, would often visit her office, sit down and repeat that sentence like a mantra until he felt confident enough to continue the work. They were scheduled to launch at noon on Monday, May 11th. The Friday before, they were still not ready. Several workers came by Kim’s office to check on the progress. The question was always the same: “How are we on the live stream?” Kim’s answer was, “We’re not there yet, but we will be. It says so on my board.” On the morning of the launch, they overcame the last obstacle, tested it and were ready. At noon, www.weather.com launched their first live stream of a shot from the road. Kim told me she keeps the writing on the board because it reminds her of what’s possible–if you believe.

So, what tornado are you trying to capture? What’s your biggest work challenge today–that seemingly impossible task? Capitalize on the power of affirmations and visualization. You’ll be blown away by what you can accomplish.

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