What’s Your Sign?


What’s your sign? I  mean, your warning sign when you’re out of balance. Do you get short-tempered with loved ones, make dumb mistakes at work or resort to unhealthy habits? 

When you’re aware of the signs, you’re more likely to take action (or stop the action) to protect your health, happiness and productivity. 

I asked thousands of people what there sign is and here are some of their replies:

  • Loss of patience and more emotionally vulnerable.
  • An unfocused mind! I have trouble focusing on specific tasks without bouncing around. 
  • I get physically sick—headache, sinus pressure, stomach upset, anyone of those or all three together—it forces me to stop and rest. ???
  • Overreact or am underwhelmed with what I’m doing.
  • Inhale sugar, so to speak.
  • I have trouble solving easy problems and communicating clearly.
  • I feel scattered.
  • Tired, not wanting to exercise.
  • Drinking too much coffee.
  • Irritability over feeling like I have no time for myself.
  • Unhealthy habits is number one for me, skipping meals, too tired to even do a 30-minute walk.
  • Getting sick often, usually odd aches and pains.


When you know you’re out of balance, consider these simple strategies:

  • Meditate or breathe deeply.
  • Delegate what you can.
  • Drop unnecessary obligations. (See the video on that here.)
  • Ask for help from coworkers, family, friends and perhaps a health professional.
  • Schedule and protect time for healthy activities like it was your most important business commitment.
  • At the beginning of a busy day, use empowering affirmations like this one: “I have more than enough time and energy to get the important things done today!”
What’s your sign and what are you doing about it?

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