Are You Enlightened?

If I could define enlightenment briefly, 
I would say it is the quiet acceptance of what is.”
~Wayne Dyer~


Puerto Vallarta Sunset Photo by Tricia Molloy


The dictionary defines enlightened as “someone who is free from illusion.” So, my question to you is: What illusions, fears, limiting beliefs and self-defeating habits are you holding onto that are keeping you from being your best?  As we face a brand-new year, isn’t it time you released them?

When I speak to organizations and mentor business leaders, I find that enlightened professionals share three common characteristics.

First, they trust in their own innate wisdom to make conscious choices based on their awareness. They use wise strategies like affirmations, mindfulness and meditation, and they pay attention to their intuition and synchronicities to help guide them.

Second, they live and work on purpose. They have a clear, written life purpose statement–the reason they are here–and express that purpose often through the work they do and by serving others. It’s what they are most passionate about and what gives them joy. It’s what they would do regardless of compensation.

Finally, they have a high prosperity consciousness. They know without a doubt that there is no lack; there’s more than enough to go around. They naturally cooperate and collaborate instead of compete with others who share the same objectives. They look for win-win opportunities and always find the time to offer advice and mentor others.

I believe we all have moments of enlightenment when we are aware, on purpose and connected with our prosperity consciousness. And each time we express it, we inspire others to do the same.

What is one enlightened thing you can do today? 

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