Channel Your Wise Inner Child for a Fresh Vision

Since 2006, it’s been my pleasure to speak about achieving goals to emerging leaders and top executives from such outstanding organizations as Walmart, Verizon, Marriott, GE, AT&T and The Home Depot.

However, last month I experienced one of the highlights of my speaking career. That’s when I presented “CRAVE Your Goals!” to 60 11-year-olds. Their teacher and my friend, Deanna Beaver, invited me to share the five CRAVE steps with her fifth-grade Target class of gifted students.

We talked about using affirmations, cleaning out clutter and creating vision boards. They were so excited as they asked questions and shared their goals, including becoming a movie director, neuroscientist, famous zoologist, inventor, Olympic gymnast and professional football player. Oh, and several of them want to win on the TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”

I shared how I used the CRAVE steps to show my own children how they can achieve their goals. Connor, who loves to fish, is pursuing a career as a marine biologist. Allyson, who loves working with children and is fluent in Spanish, will be a speech-language pathologist. Both are graduating with honors from the University of Georgia next month, after three-and-a-half years. They inspire me every day.

To top off this sweet experience, Deanna personally delivered this file of thank-you notes from her students.


“When I become an admiral in the U.S. Marine Corps, I will write again thanking you!”

“I REALLY need to work on my physical clutter MAJOR TIME. Well at least I’m going to try. My older sister never cleans up so I will talk to her to say I LOVE TO CLEAN.”

“Now my room is always going to be clean and I won’t have as many apps on my phone.”

“You are very smart and have a lot planned to help people’s lives be better. What I noticed is you really embraced yourself, meaning you didn’t doubt yourself and hesitate like I would in a big crowd.”

“When I have kids, I will teach them the same things. I will help my friends when they are having trouble. I would enjoy listening to you every day just so I could have a wonderful, wonderful life.”

“I almost felt like jumping up and hugging you.”

“Instead of going to work and earning money, you came and did a presentation for us. As Taylor Swift said, ‘Out of all the things to do in Atlanta, you came and hung out with me!'”


The students followed up my program by creating their own vision boards and posting them outside their classroom for all to see. My heart is full, knowing that something I may have said could launch hundreds of dreams.

Can you remember when you were 11 and you believed anything was possible? What did you want to do, be and have? It might help to ask your parents or siblings or your childhood best friend to remind you about those bodacious dreams and aspirations. Then, channel your wise inner child by creating your own vision board for the clarity and confidence you need to succeed and craft affirmations to support all the goals that matter to you.

And, if you need help, I’m here. I can speak to your organization about the CRAVE formula, present a vision board workshop or provide one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring. It would be my pleasure.  Learn more here.

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