How to Use the CRAVE Steps to Thrive During Uncertain Times



Every morning, I wake up with the same two questions.

The first is: “What day is it?” The second is: “Was that just a really bad dream?”

We are all experiencing this pandemic in different ways. You may enjoy working from home—no commute, more time with your family and finally getting around to all those home-improvement projects—or you may be struggling. You may not know anyone who has gotten the coronavirus or you may have just attended your third virtual memorial service.

Our goals have changed or at least multiplied. Top of the list these days might be assessing risks and following the safety guidelines, navigating family dynamics, being productive while working from home, and finding the time and motivation to care for yourself.

One of the ways I’ve been supporting my clients is through presenting virtual leadership programs and remote individual and group coaching that focus on how to use the CRAVE steps to thrive during uncertain times.


Here are some tips from my virtual leadership program that will reduce your stress and anxiety so you can stay positive and productive. 

  • Clean Out the Clutter. Since clutter distracts and confuses us and drains our energy, it’s wise to release that clutter. There’s technical and emotional clutter but the physical clutter is what most of us are acutely aware of since spending more time at home. Cleaning out and organizing your closets, basement or garage can give you a comforting feeling of control. You’ll discover items you forgot you had and feel good that you’re re-purposing unneeded items by donating them. Without that clutter, your energy and clarity will increase.
  • Raise Your Energy. When it comes to staying productive, energy management is just as important as time management. Taking breaks from your computer screen and digital devices, and scheduling time for physical activity–like a virtual workout class or a walk in the sunshine–will reap many benefits. You’ll feel better and be more equipped to manage your emotions.
  • Affirm Success. What are you saying to yourself? Chances are, a lot of your self talk is negative. It’s how we protect ourselves. When you’re aware of what you’re saying, you can flip it around to the positive and that will help you cope with the stress you’re under. Keep your affirmations brief, positive and in the present. It can be as simple as: “This too shall pass.” Or “I am healthy and safe.” Or try my new affirmation: “My best is enough.”
  • Visualize. Are you challenged to do new things, like make virtual presentations to your team or have difficult conversations with family members? By visualizing the process and outcome, you will have more confidence in those situations. Empower yourself to face the months ahead by creating a vision board on your own or with family or friends.
  • Express Thanks. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude not only helps you stay positive but it also strengthens your relationships. Catch your kids (and spouse!) doing good things around the house and acknowledge them. Make a point of thanking your colleagues and clients for their support during these challenging times.

In addition to presenting my customized and interactive virtual program, CRAVE Your Goals! Five Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Thrive During Uncertain Times, I also offer Better Balance During the Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond: The Why, What and How of Work-Life Integration and the Picture This! Vision Board Workshop, using an online tool to create digital, printable vision boards. 

Could your organization, or one that you know, benefit from my virtual leadership programs and remote individual and group coaching? Click here to schedule a 15-minute call to discuss how I can help!



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