Make Room for What Matters

 Although each step of the CRAVE formula is powerful, the Clean Out the Clutter one gets the most response from my audiences. 

There are many “aha’s!” as I remind them that clutterCRAVE distracts and confuses us, drains our energy and gets in the way of what’s most important. And it goes way beyond physical clutter, to technical and emotional clutter, like information overload, an over-reliance on our smart phone, unnecessary obligations, toxic people and unfinished business. When I presen“CRAVE Your Sales Goals!” to company sales divisions, the most harmful form of clutter is often the seemingly promising leads that never convert to clients.

As I clean up and organize my office, I realize that it takes more than clearing the clutter, it’s also about creating conscious space for the good to come. So, I have added these new file folders: “Fun Cruise and Resort Speaking Engagements,” “More Amazing Wisdom Mentoring Clients” and “Brilliant Wisdom on Demand Products.” It feels good.

What files can you label to create the space and set that intention for it to manifest? Ideal clients? My first book? Top producer awards? Memorable family vacations? Get out your label maker and claim those files. They won’t be empty for long.

What will you make room for?

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