Rocking Chair Reflections


Every once in a while, usually prompted by a birthday or a high school reunion or when I spend time with my mother, I find myself having rocking chair reflections. 

That’s where I imagine that I’m about 90 years old and sitting in my rocking chair reflecting on my life. Those who work in hospice care often comment that many of their elderly patients regret what they didn’t do, much more than what they did do. So, I take this opportunity to assess where I am and what I still want to do before it’s too late.

These reflections have helped me stay on purpose. I’ve been motivated to accomplish many things that have brought me joy, like writing my book, buying a beach home and spending more time with my family. For those I coach, these reflections inspired them to get promoted, start their own businesses and make their health a top priority. They have mended relationships, learned to play piano and traveled more. They often went beyond their own needs and desires, using their time and talents to benefit others.

If you think you could benefit from rocking chair reflections in your search for a more balanced, beautiful life, here are a few questions to get you started.

  • When you were a child or teenager, was there something you always wanted to do or have but pushed that aside as you grew up?
  • Is there something you admire or even envy about others that you wish you could have for yourself?
  • What goal have you not achieved because of a fear or limiting belief that you know is unfounded?

If you take the time to thoughtfully do this exercise and allow yourself permission to dream big, you will probably have a long list of aspirations. I recommend choosing just one and make a plan to achieve that goal. Rely on the CRAVE strategies below, like using positive affirmations and creating a vision board, to support your success. Then choose another from your list. If you’d like my help to coach you through this process, let’s talk.

When you reach your golden years and are rocking out on your front porch, may you be content in knowing you lived joyfully on purpose. 

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