Spring Cleaning for Success

Out of the 10 universal principles in my book, Working with Wisdom, and the five that make up the CRAVE Your Goals! professional development program, the one that resonates most with people is: Clean Out the Clutter.Spring Cleaning

That’s because clutter is a universal challenge. It distracts and confuses us, drains our energy, and keeps us out of balance. It gets in the way of what’s most important and often prevents us from achieving our goals.

Take a moment to consider these three key areas of clutter in your life and decide where you’ll begin your spring cleaning.

There’s the physical clutter of a messy office, a closet filled with clothes that no longer fit our bodies or our current lifestyles, and shelves with books we’ll never read and gifts we don’t like but feel obliged to display. Am I hitting a nerve?

There’s the technical clutter of information overload, too many emails, e-newsletters we’ll never open, and an over-reliance on our cell phone. Think about the last time you left your phone home and felt so vulnerable and disconnected.

Then, there’s the emotional clutter of the what ifs, the regrets and resentments, the things we haven’t forgiven about someone else or perhaps ourselves, the unnecessary obligations, and toxic people who zap our energy.

The law is very simple: “The universe abhors a vacuum.” So, when we clear out the clutter, we create the space for the universe to fill it with what serves our highest good. For example, if you want more ideal clients, release the ones that drive you crazy. Better ones are waiting, I promise.

Capitalize on this invigorating time of year to “spring clean” for success. Start small and you’ll find your increased energy and clarity will keep you going to clean out more and more clutter.

What clutter are your ready to clean out?

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