What’s on Your “My Best Life List”?



As the old Joni Mitchell song goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

When we are forced to slow down this much, our priorities become clearer. We may begin to consider what we wish we had made time for all along. When we regain our freedom to travel, congregate, and hug our loved ones, what will you do?

One positive way to use this downtime you might be experiencing is to reflect on what you miss most or wish you had done before and make your “My Best Life List.” (I have never been a fan of the term “Bucket List.”)

I’ll help you get started by asking you to complete the sentences below that resonate with you. Once you have that first draft of your list, share it with family, friends and team members. Encourage them to make their own list. You never know who might be able to help you check some things off your list and who you may be able to support!

Post some of your list on social media and tag it #MyBestLifeList. We can be accountability buddies for each other when the quarantines and social distancing end and we can focus on what matters most. You’ll find this list will also inspire you to enjoy better balance. And, there will certainly be items on this list that you can begin today. For me, I’m working on my new book and continuing to declutter my office, because that helps me live my best life! 


My Best Life List

I will:

  • Learn to _______.

  • Spend more time with _______.

  • Spend less time with _______.

  • Travel to _______.

  • Do more _______.

  • Do less _______.

  • Accept _______.

  • Reject _______.

  • Create _______.

  • Experience _______.

  • Get certified in or become an expert in _______.

  • Participate in _______.

  • Stop _______.

  • Start _______.

What will you do?  




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