What’s Your Favorite Positivity Hack?

Don’t you just love the Life Hacks you find online? Like running the sticky side of an about-to-be discarded post-it note between your keyboard keys to collect crumbs and dust. (You’re welcome!)

Those clever solutions to everyday problems can save us time, money and often our sanity. Wouldn’t it be great if harnessing the productivity of your team was that simple?

As a leadership speaker on how to develop a positive mindset to achieve goals and improve work-life balance, I often see how stress and fear can lead to negative thinking and sabotage the success of our high-performing employees. So, I’ve produced Positivity Hacks: Simple Ways to Create More Balanced, Productive Workplaces. Take a look!
What’s your favorite positivity hack–from this presentation or one of your own? Please share it here!

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