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I received so many emails about my last blog post on affirmations to improve balance that I decided to continue exploring the power of affirmations.

This week, I would like you to write an affirmative bio: a paragraph or two about your ideal life. This is a fun, empowering exercise and not nearly as sobering as author Steven Covey’s recommendation in “The Seven Habits of Highlwritingy Effective People” to write your own obituary.

Imagine you are invited to share your expertise by participating in a panel discussion at a conference. Or, you are writing your LinkedIn Summary or About Me section of your website. Consider what your ideal life would look like, what you would be doing, and who you would be with.

To make writing your affirmative bio easier, you can follow this template:

(Insert your full name) is a/an (insert your ideal profession) at (insert your ideal company or organization). He/she is also a (List as many professional accomplishments as you’d like, such as being a best-selling author with the title of your book, and the special degrees and certifications you’ve earned.)  On a personal note, (What would you like to say about your family,  personal interests/activities you enjoy, and proudest accomplishments, like being a philanthropist or world-class athlete?) (Insert your first name)’s perspective on life is most reflected in this favorite quote: “(insert a quote that inspires you).”

Invite someone you trust to do this exercise with you. You know you’ve done it “right” when you can’t help but smile when you read it.

Treat this affirmative bio with the same respect as your affirmations and life purpose statement by printing and posting it, and referencing it when you make decisions. Give it even more power by adding to your vision board  images and words that match your bio. See this blog post for vision board tips. The clearer you communicate and visualize your ideal life, the faster you will begin to manifest it.

Please share here your experience with writing your affirmative bio.


2 thoughts on “Write Your Affirmative Bio

  1. Mimi Schroeder Reply

    As usual, you have turned something dreaded into a fast and fun process! Thank you for the template! It really works and provides a brief, professional and personal bio for that particular situation when short and sweet is called for.

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