Three Priceless Presents to Give Yourself this Holiday

In between all that holiday shopping and baking and decorating, consider how you can give yourself a happier, more balanced New Year. Resolve to be more present and less stressed in 2016.

Here are three priceless gifts that will help you manage your mobile technology, instead of letting it manage you.

1) Reduce the amount of startling, attention-grabbing bells and dings from your phone by shutting off unnecessary notifications.

2) Delete the clutter of apps you never use and research and install ones that will support your success at work and in life. For instance, I love PicLab HD for turning my pictures into inspirational posts like these.  What are some of your favorite apps?

3) Establish at least two hours at the end of each weekday as a “no technology zone” by consistently shutting off your phone, tablet, computer and TV when you get home from work. Use that time for genuinely connecting with your family and friends and for quiet reflection. Decreasing screen time just before bed can help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.

What are your best practices for managing mobile technology? Share it here!


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