Work-Life Balance Survey Reveals Shocking Truth!

Thanks to all those who recently participated in my Work-Life Balance Challenges survey. I asked you to choose up to three statements that explain why you struggle with your home and work responsibilities, while still trying to enjoy your life.

My objective for this survey was to help you recognize the difference between reasons and excuses and encourage you to make some simple changes for better balance.

According to this survey, the number one reason we feel out of balance, at 42 percent, is “My demanding job.” That includes unreasonable bosses, long hours at work (and continuing work when you get home) and long commutes.

The next biggest challenge, at 36 percent, is “Trouble focusing on what matters.”

Close behind that are:

  • I over-commit to activities. (Fear of missing out.)
  • Distracted by digital devices.
  • Not enough help at home.
  • Not delegating more responsibilities.
  • I can’t say no. (I’m a people pleaser!)
  • Poor time-management skills

The shocking truth this work-life balance survey reveals is that (drum roll, please!) many of these reasons are under our control. It’s about making more conscious choices. I know that’s sometimes hard to hear and admit. So, take a deep breath and consider each of the statements above. Which ones are your excuses and what might you do about it?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Distracted by digital devices.
    Schedule times when you shut off your digital devices. If you have young children, it might be from 6 to 8 pm so you can focus on dinner, bath and bedtime. Leave your cell phone at home when you go for a walk or run errands. Reduce the amount of annoying, unnecessary cell phone notifications. Learn more strategies at 11 Wise Ways to Unplug.
  2. Not enough help at home and Not delegating more responsibilities.
    Whether it’s getting your kids to do the laundry, your spouse to do more of the grocery shopping or your direct reports to lighten your workload, it’s wise to follow these delegation best practices. Start with the desired outcome and the reason their help is needed. Identify and alleviate anything that could get in the way. Be patient and recognize, while they may not do it as well as you do, it will get done. Finally, express appreciation.
  3. I can’t say no. (I’m a people pleaser!)
    This is where affirmations can help. The next time someone asks you to do something that is not essential to your work and home responsibilities and would lead to more imbalance, just say no. (With a smile!) Then, assure yourself with an affirmation like: “Each time I say no to what I don’t want, I say yes to what I do want.”

And, if you need more inspiration to make these changes, read Balance Begins with Why.

What’s one thing you can do to enjoy better balance?



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