Are You Ready to Ask?

Whenever I speak about how to improve work-life balance and overall well-being, I notice a simple but critical obstacle. Most people have a problem asking for help.

The reasons always seem valid. You might think asking for help exposes a weakness, would obligate you to reciprocate, or could lead to rejection. You may not know what to ask for or you might believe you don’t deserve help. In many cases, however, asking for help is often a gift.  Most people want to provide advice, recommend resources, or lend a hand.

My friend and mastermind partner Ryan Jenkins needed help selling his fabulous new book, The Millennial Manual, after speaking at the Rotary International convention in Atlanta this month. His new son, Landon, arrived a few weeks early and that meant his wife had better things to do. So, he asked another mastermind partner, Dez Thornton, and me to fill in. We loved hearing him speak and then accommodating all those attendees who wanted to “take Ryan home.” By the end of the day, we had sold about 180 books!

By asking for the business, more money, a better deal, referrals, or whatever else you need to achieve your goals and enjoy better balance, you also encourage others to do the same. Each time you ask for help, when appropriate, make a point of asking how you might help them.

Consider how the CRAVE formula can help you ask for what you desire and deserve. (You can right click and save the infographic below.) For example, you might affirm, “People love to support me” or visualize your colleagues being enthusiastically receptive to your requests.

What are you ready to ask for?


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